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"Maggie, Gabby and Billy, dear friends, it was an unforgettable 3 days here in Luodong with you. We are proud to be the ones inaugurating your B&B - it's a place of peace in Luodong, and you did an excellent job!

P.S. ...this is the real 'PLACE 2 BE'."
The Sigrist Family, Zurich.

"主人热诚,房间舒适,环境优雅,太棒的民宿! 甜蜜的回忆。"

张舫怡先生及夫人, 台北市


黄千萍女士, 台北市

"I never imagined that such an extraordinary room arrangement, done with such care, could make a guest feel so welcome. Thank you."

詹潘忠先生, 台北市

"It has been an amazing 7-night stay at the Tranquility Suite. It is spacious, exuding a sense of coziness and comfort, and truly lives up to its name. We thank you for your warm hospitality and the time we spent together."
The Chan Family, Singapore.


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