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Luodong Sports Park & Lanyang River Cycle Path

The 47-hectare Luodong Sports Park is located about two kilometres northwest of the Luodong Railway Station.

The green expanse of the Park gives visitors a chance to enjoy the natural beauty of the area's scenery as well as the opportunity to engage in various sports. It is also linked to the cross-county cycling and walking track, which spans for nearly a hundred kilometres throughout Yilan county.

It is meticulously landscaped and divided into four areas: sports, landscape, waterscape, and forest.

This is an ideal place to enjoy sunrises and sunsets, to relax, recharge and get some exercise in a serene setting.

Luodong Night Market

The Luodong Night Market is one of the biggest and most frequented night markets in Taiwan. It has great food, plenty of shops and traditional children's game-stalls.

For the foodie, it is a place replete with local snacks ranging from mutton herbal soup, iced tapioca with red-bean filling and rice noodle soup, to Yilan specialities including ox-tongue-shaped pastry, smoked duckling and 'sun' pastry, but to name a few.

The Night Market is open daily and is busiest from 6pm to 10pm.

Yilan Attractions

Yilan is famous for its hot and cold springs. Most of the hot springs are located in JiaoXi Township. However, there are a few note-worthy hot springs worth visiting in the region, namely the JuiZiZe hot spring and the FanFan natural hot spring, both located in Datong Township.

The eastern coast of Yilan County faces the South China Sea and has long stretches of beautiful beaches to explore. The geology of the region produces fine volcanic black sand, which perfectly complements turquoise waters. Unique coastal rock formations are also dotted across the entire Yilan coast, from Toucheng in the north right down to the south in Nan'Ao.

Yilan is also the home of the world-famous Kavalan Whiskey Distillery, which is well-worth a visit, and certainly for a free tasting of their award-winning single-malts.

A comprehensive list of suggested regional tour itineraries suited to the individual, couple or families with children is available upon request.

Beautiful Yilan
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